AWA Publishes North American, European Market Studies

AMSTERDAM, THE NEATHERLANDS | AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. has published two new market studies:  “Extrusion Coated Materials – North American Market Study 2008,” which provides full market segmentation of the extrusion coating market in North America, and a new edition of its “European Release Liner Outlook 2008: Market Study and Industry Sourcebook,” which provides a full market analysis and business overview for material suppliers, silicone coating companies, and others in the release liner market.
   The North American Market Study 2008 provides full market segmentation of the extrusion coating market in North America and focuses on web materials—papers, boards, films, aluminum foils, and non-wovens—that are polymer extrusion coated or laminated.  Data is also presented for the global market. This study provides market data by application, addresses trends for each category of application, and covers marketplace developments in raw materials, equipment, competitive products and key extrusion coating operations in North America.    
   The European Release Liner Outlook highlights both self-adhesive and non self-adhesive applications. It puts the European region in the context of the worldwide market and defines and describes in detail the market structure and value chain. The report also includes an examination of material trends, as well as a section with profiles and a directory of leading companies in the industry.
   More information is available on both studies at

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