Flint Group Hosts 4th Annual Narrow Web Print Awards

PLYMOUTH, MI | Flint Group Narrow Web (formerly known as XSYS Print Solutions) will host the fourth annual print awards celebrating the "excellence and entrepreneurship" in narrow web printing. Label converters worldwide are encouraged to submit sample labels for evaluation by a panel of industry judges.

Criteria for judging includes registration, smoothness of dot/vignette, overall print quality, and degree of difficulty. Entries will be placed in categories relating to technology and application.
Flint Group Narrow Web honored eight companies with awards at Labelexpo Brussels.

Award winners were Smyth Companies, Inc. (USA); Consolidated Label (USA); Spear (USA); Flextec (USA); PPU Comex Sp.z.o.o., Collotype Labels (Australia); Zalesi (Czech Republic); and Winson Press Private Ltd. (Singapore).

Entry guides:
• Each entry must be printed using inks from Flint Group Narrow Web (formerly known as XSYS Print Solutions)
• Entries can be a commercial or a promotional label.
• Entries can be sent in roll or sheet form with no less than 100 of each label; converters will be contacted to verify if rolls can be displayed in the Flint Group Narrow Web booth.
• Entries should be received no later than August 1, 2008.
• Entries should be submitted direct to Flint Group Narrow Web.

For more information, contact Deanna Whelan in the U.S. at Deanna.whelan@flintgrp.com / Deanna.whelan@xsys-printsolutions.com; or Lotta Sjoberg in Europe at lotta.sjoberg@flintgrp.com / lottasjoberg@xsys-printsolutions.com.

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