EMA Applauds President Bush's Postal Study

ALEXANDRIA, VA, USA—The EMA (Envelope Manufactuers Association) Foundation for Paper-Based Communication reports it's pleased with President Bush's formation of a presidential commission to study the future of the postal service. Says EMA Foundation chair Robert Muma: "[This] is the best way to review the considerable quantity of material already generated and to gather input from every stakeholder on ideas concerning the future of the postal service. The postal service is eleven billion dollars in debt and is an important public service that touches every American. We must ensure that it's strengthened and its focus is sharpened so it can continue to serve every American," he adds.

The Institute of Postal Studies has been established by the EMA Foundation for Paper-Based Communication to study issues related to the postal service's future. The Institute already has established a white paper on presidential commissions and several documents relating to the USPS's deferred pension liability. These documents are available to the public at emafoundation.org.

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