Fictional Book Details Struggles of a Third Generation Printing Company


WELLESLEY, MA—Larry Letteney, one of the founding members of BlueOcean Advisory Group, has published a book. "Sea Change: A Story of Graphics and Communications in the 21st Centurty" is a fictional book about a third generation printing company struggling to compete in a demanding business environment. The story is seen through the eyes of a proven sales professional.

Reviews by printers
"'Sea Change' is a must-read for any executive or sales professional in the graphic arts industry. The tale will encourage, challenge, motivate—and frighten at times—anyone who has or is considering the transition from a bid-and-win print shop to a communications solution provider."
—Christopher Wells, president, LaVigne Printing

"I found Sea Change intriguing from the perspective of a sales manager and one of the riveting fictional business books I've read. I think any sales professional or business owner can learn and grow from the lessons Letteney delivers."
—Mark Potter, VP, Eastern Zone, Brown Printing Co.

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