Sollas Offers New Wrapping and Banding Options


WORMERVEER, THE NETHERLANDS—Sollas Packaging Machinery introduces two wrapping machines and a banding machine, the Sollas 20, M60/80, and Bandum 25/50.

  • The Sollas 20 is a wrapping machine that can be supplied with various feeding systems. Products can be wrapped as single packs or in bundle configurations. Standard features are said to include quick change over, electronically adjustable machine speed, easy film loading, easy maintenance, and CE approval. Reportedly suited for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, graphical, audio-video, and food industries.
  • The Sollas M60/80 is a compact automatic wrapping machine that offers quick change over, an individual product transport system, PLC control, operation and fault indication via soft touch display, a precision vacuum film feed system, electronically adjustable speed, easy film loading, and CE approval, company says.
  • The Sollas Bandum 25/50 MPC is a hand-operated, microprocessor-controlled banding machine, reportedly banding products of a variety of shapes and sizes with polypropylene or kraft paper. Standard features reportedly include adjustable band tension, electronically controlled sealing, and CE approval. It is also available as a compact table top model or on castor wheels.

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