Packaging and the EnvironmentEarthShell Technology to Grow Green Pkg. in US and Asia

SANTA BARBARA, CA--Environmentally friendly packaging may sustain a big boost here in the US and in Asia in upcoming years--if EarthShell Corporation has its way. Today, at the World Resources Institute's 5th Annual Sustainable Enterprise Summit EarthShell Corp. announced it's licensed its technology to Green Earth Packaging Inc. and Green Packaging SBD BHD. States the company's press release: "The two entities, formed specifically to expand commercialization of EarthShell Packaging in the US and Asia, are subsidiaries of Dominance Inc., part of a Malaysian group of companies with over 50 years manufacturing experience. As part of the agreements, the two licensees will invest a minimum of $30 billion (US) initially to fund the building of the manufacturing capacity."

Says Ed McDonald, CEO of Green Earth Packaging, Inc., "Consumers increasingly are demanding products with greater regard for the environment, and we see tremendous opportunity in the United States for alternatives to disposable diaper and plastic food-service packaging. He adds, "With the environment in mind, EarthShell has developed a unique approach to food-service packaging. The proven technology, along with the excellent performance attributes and competitive price, we believe is an excellent foundation for success."

EarthShell reports Green Earth Packaging plans to produce plates and bowls for US markets, while Green Packaging will produce noodle bowls for certain Asian markets. All products will be marketed under the EarthShell Packaging brand. In addition, the co. says both Green Earth Packaging and Green Packaging have agreed to develop facilities and plan to begin commercial shipments during the first quarter of 2002.

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