Printcafe IPO to Yield Creo Repayment

VANCOUVER, B.C. CANADA—Creo Inc. reports its strategic partner, Printcafe Software, Inc., priced its initial public offering (IPO) of 3.75 million shares. Shares of Printcafe Software stock will trade on the Nasdaq national market under the symbol "PCAF." (Creo trades under the symbols "CREO" on Nasdaq and "CRE" on the Toronto Stock Exchange.)

According to Creo, it will receive approximately $16.9 million (US) in debt repayment from the net proceeds of the IPO, including $11.8 million (US) in loan principal, $1.4 million (US) in interest, and $3.7 million (US) in prepayment fees. Creo also reports it will purchase $3.7 million (US) of Printcafe Software stock in the IPO and upon IPO completion, the Canadian-based prepress supplier will own approximately 30.2 percent of Printcafe Software's outstanding common stock.

Printcafe Software is a provider of software solutions specifically designed for the printing industry supply chain. Visit Printcafe at More information about Creo is available at

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