Agfa News: On the Road Again, The Proof Is in the Service

RIDGEFIELD, NJ, USA—Agfa Corp. will provide full service for DuPont AX4, AQ4, and MX6 proofing systems as well as the Polaroid Graphic Imaging 1420, 2230, and the Prediction digital proofing systems.

The addition of digital proofing products expands the line of the multivendor products supported by Agfa customer technical support, reports the mfr. Along with digital proofing products, Agfa's Selectsupport Plus customer-support program also includes multivendor support on such equipment as: Linotype imagesetters and scanners, Crosfield, Harlequin, Ultre, Screen, ECRM, Fuji, Konica, Rampage, Sun, Apple, raid systems, and personal computers.

Move over Willy Nelson, Agfa is on the road again! With Agfa's launch of its second leg of the "Digital Solutions Tour, " a "digital solution" may soon be traveling near you!

During the first leg, which started in April this year, Agfa toured through the Southeast United States westward to Texas in an 18-wheeler semi-tractor trailer. According to the co., the continuation of the tour will concentrate initially on the heartland, with stops in Springfield, MO, and St. Louis, MO. Agfa says the tour will then head north and west to include Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado. The tour's second leg will return to the Southwest US, with stops in New Mexico and Arizona, with additional stops in Nevada, Utah, and Idaho.

Dust and grime compromising your CTP or CTF process? Agfa has a suggestion that may help. The co. is recommending Printing Air Techologies (PAT) products. PAT offers air purification and humidity-control systems for increased performance of CTP (computer-to-plate) and CTF (computer-to-film) products, says the Belgium-based equipment mfr.

According to Agfa, high levels of dust contaminants and fluctuating humidity levels can impair the performance of CTP and CTF equipment. PAT products are said to be designed to meet the stringent requirements of a prepress facility. Says the co., PAT air purification systems utilize a multistage filter system that reduces particle contaminants to less than 100 particles at 0.3 microns per cubic ft. Additionally, says the co., the humidity control systems help maintain a relative humidity of 45%, while eliminating the risk of condensation buildup. This, notes Agfa, exceeds the environmental requirements of Agfa imaging devices and results in improved productivity and consistent output quality.

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