Muller Martini Celebrates 50 years

HAUPPAUGE, NY | Muller Martini sold its first machine in the US in 1955. In 1967 The Hans Muller Corporation was launched in the US and was later renamed Muller Martini USA. At the time, says the company the American market was actively seeking finishing solutions and needed greater access to Muller Martini’s sales and support teams that had resided in the company’s Switzerland headquarters since 1946.

Fifty years later, the demand continues, despite challenging economic conditions triggered by print’s steady migration to digitally based information. Now headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, Muller Martini USA reportedly has consistently been at the forefront of recognizing market trends and helping to engineer solutions that take advantage of the opportunities that change presents.

Werner Naegeli, president and CEO of Muller Martini North America, says, “Our US division has played an integral role in helping our customers succeed…. Looking back on our 50-year history, we’ve managed to not only foresee trends but develop strategies that keep customers competing. Our scalable systems provide investment protection while our Finishing 4.0 design philosophy welcomes the challenges inherent in ultra-short-run production and personalization.”

Muller Martini USA’s network of sales, product management, and service personnel are located throughout the country.

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