Exopack Introduces Easy Open Feature for Small SOS Bags

SPARTANBURG, SC, USA—Exopack LLC reports it has added Serve-N-Seal to its line of self-opening square-bottom (SOS) bags. According to the flexible packaging manufacturer, Serve-N-Seal brings the convenience of one-pull opening and one-press closing to this popular package format, adding that there is a patent pending on the application.

Exopack says the Serve-N-Seal feature consists of a specially designed multi-part label applied to the bag during manufacture. "After filling, the bag's seal is formed right across the label," explains the co.'s press release. "When a customer desires to open the bag, a lifting force is applied to the card and the bag opens in one easy step. Reclosing is accomplished by pressing the card back onto the adhesive patch on the bag. Label-free zones, at both sides of the seal, allow for the positive identification of tamper."

SOS bags are found in many consumer markets, and Exopack says the Serve-N-Seal was developed to provide an extra measure of differentiation on the crowded store shelves. "Its primary role as convenience feature is supplemented by the fact the opening card can be removed and used as a promotion once the package is empty."

Visit Exopack at exopack.com.

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