DuPont Installs W&H Line at Euro Tech Center: Reaffirms Packaging Promise

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND—DuPont reports it has reaffirmed its commitment to the packaging industry with a $3 million investment in a blown-film line at its European Technical Centre. According to DuPont, the Windmoeller & Hoelscher line will be dedicated to production of coextruded flexible packaging structures and is scheduled to be fully operational this month.

DuPont reports the W&H line can produce films with up to five different layers and offers the possibility of extending to seven-layer film structures. DuPont cites the numerous advantages the line will bring to customers:

  • Improves DuPont response-time to customer requests (due to equipment's reduced switch-over time between production runs);

  • Line speed of more than 100 m/min. (comparable to commercial production line speeds);

  • Gravimetric raw-material feed helps to optimize packaging structures through highly accurate gauge control of individual layers (reducing cost and waste);

  • Handles hard-to-process thin films;

  • Produces better quality film rolls (for easier processing in downstream packaging trials); and

  • Incorporates several safety devices, including fully automated film wind-up (reduces risks related to manual intervention).

DuPont says its Geneva, Switzerland-located technical centre offers customers comprehensive capabilities in many other packaging-oriented technologies, including coextrusion coating; injection molding; extrusion blow molding; and compounding physical, thermal, chemical, and electrical testing.

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