Converting Info at Your Fingertips: Jelmar Provides Folding Carton Environmental Regs for Printers Pubs

PLAINVIEW, NY, USA—Jelmar Publishing reports "the definitive Handbook on Folding Carton Production, a compilation of technical articles on how to produce folding cartons, authored by 24 technical experts in their respective specialties, is now back in print." (Original publisher of the Handbook on Folding Carton Production is Boxboard Containters International, sister publication to PFFC.)

Jelmar reports the book was out of print for several years, but now is available at Jelmar by contacting:

Jelmar Publishing Co.
P.O. Box 488
Plainview, NY 11803
"The reintroduction of the book enables printers and converters throughout the world to again obtain this unique and definitive popular reference at the price is was most recently sold: $89.00 US, which includes shipping and handling by surface mail (add $30 US for optional airmail and $5 documentation charge to overseas locations.)"

Environmental Regs Book Helps to Avoid Fines, Improve Profits
Jelmar also reports the availability of Environmental Regulations for Printers, authored by printing industry veteran Fred Shapiro. "This 964-page practical guide shows printers how to meet environmental regulations while: improving the bottom line; increasing product output; enhancing product quality; and generating greater profitability." In addition, it advises printers and converters how to "get under the regulatory radar" in order to avoid fines by local, state, or even federal regulatory agencies.

The book includes 24 chapters, 43 appendices, a CD that features 17 templates for forms and letters "that a printer may need when dealing with local, regional, and national regulatory agencies." Jelmar adds the book is priced at $385 US and can be ordered by calling 516/822-6861.

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