WH Introduces New Extrusion Technology Developments; 450 Attend Open House

LINCOLN, RI, USA—Windmoeller & Hoelscher (W&H) announces the introduction of extrusion technology developments and advancements at a May 14-15, 2003, open house at its company headquarters in Lengerich, Germany. According to the converting equipment industry supplier, 450 visitors, representing the industry worldwide, attended the two-day event, at which four different specification Varex blown film lines and one Filmex cast film system were demonstrated.

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W&H provides this summary of the technical innovations presented:

  • Maxicone Multi-Layer Die: Patented multi-layer die for 5 and 7 layers, an absolutely novel W&H blown film die design for very short melt flow paths and reduced melt residence times.
  • Multicool Modular Air Ring System: For even cooling and film bubble support during high output production. The Multicool D double-deck air ring uses a three-stage air flow, supporting additional physical strength properties.
  • Optifil P Automatic Gauge Profile Control: W&H’s latest version of automatic die control.
  • Optifil P3: Featured in conjunction with the Multicool D double-deck air ring for very consistent film quality for the entire production run with superb quality even at the highest speeds.
  • New Procontrol Window-Based Touch Screen Operator Console: For increased ease of operation.
  • New Filmatic S Film Winder: Equipped with add-on capability.
  • New Filmatic R Multi-Purpose Winder: Developed by W&H's new subsidiary Reinhold, with reverse winding capability suited to all wind modes, including surface, center, and gap winding.
  • Filmex Cast Film Line: Covers the entire range of film applications, from mono laminating films to 9-layer barrier films. It can be designed to customer requirements and market needs.
  • New Purge Assist Feature: For automatic purging to ease operator workloads; product changeovers on Varex and Filmex lines can be completed in less time, resulting in increased productivity and higher efficiency.
Learn more about W&H's line of converting equipment for extrusion, as well as for printing and bagmaking, at whcorp.com.

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