RBP’s Fountain Solution Aids UV Printing

 MILWAUKEE, WI | RBP Chemical Technology has introduced Liquid Gold 960 MA , a mild acid fountain solution concentrate formulated for coldset and UV printing on web presses. The product is designed specifically for coldset UV printing but is said to work equally effectively with conventional inks. The concentrate produces a proprietary formulation that effectively desensitizes non-image areas and reportedly provides superior ink and water control for both UV and conventional printing.

According to RBP president and CEO Mark Kannenberg, “The ever-increasing demand for UV printing led RBP to develop this new fountain solution concentrate. Only two ounces of Liquid Gold 960 MA per gallon of water produces an effective fountain solution for use with both UV and conventional inks, thus eliminating the need to change fountain solution when inks are changed. Dosage may be increased if plate sensitivity occurs, and decreased if emulsification occurs.”

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