Soft Signage Printer from EFI Is at Work

INDIANAPOLIS, IN | Indy Imaging, specialist in wide-format printing, is enjoying its new VUTEk TX3250r fabric printer from EFI. Indy already had two VUTEk GS3200 hybrid printers, reports company president Robbie Gordon. “In our market, it’s about reliability, quality, and turnaround, and all of that must happen consistently. Our customers have noticed differences in all three areas. What used to take us hours now takes minutes, and the quality that was not there at 300 dpi with other printers, is abundantly there at 1080 dpi on the new VUTEk TX3250r. The speed and quality of this new printer outpaces the competition. We can now print 10-foot-wide banners with no seams, opening up another market for larger sizes in flags and banners."

The 3.2-m soft signage printer uses dye sublimation technology to dye, or sublimate, fabric fibers directly, so the fabric retains the same drape and soft hand customers prefer. This method is said to achieve bright colors, and the final product is odorless. It enables printing on polyester, and final printed images can be washed, dried, and folded without leaving marks and can be reused.

Features include fast-drying inks for speeds to 1,800 sq ft/hr; high-resolution, eight-color print capability for high-margin printed displays and high-density backlit signs; fast-4 (CMYK) production speed for high-volume flag and banner jobs; and direct to textile or indirect via transfer printing process, so users can offer more materials.

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