New Products

Transfer Ink Consistently

An addition to the Flexcel NX digital flexo system is said to enable smoother and more consistent transfer of ink on press. The application of Digicap

Dies Last Longer

Diamond and Black Diamond coatings for company's Flexible Die products are said to increase the hardness of flexible dies to a level not measured by the

Pouchmaker Has Enhanced Seal

The BH-80HVG-F (SG8) machine produces a large box pouch with side gusset and zipper in-line. The top of the side gusset is sealed by a proprietary 45-deg

Print with Quick Change Features

The 900, XXL for large-format offset printing is available in four formats. Offers several quick-change features; fully automated plate change; highly

Security for Branded Products

Authentic8 graphics-driven security solution is designed to protect and authenticate branded products, allowing invisible information to be embedded into

MIS System Is Smart

DiMS.NET! MIS/ERP system contains end-to-end integration from estimating to planning and scheduling, prepress to production, shipping to invoicing, and

Make Bags, Pouches

Model GSD-60SZLV three-servo, three-side-seal bag machine features standing pouch and zipper sealing units. Said to ensure excellent tension control for

Offset Printing Has New Technology

With patents for the Drent Goebel VSOP technology, company has combined the VSOP Series with its Alprinta and Concepta lines to provide size-variable

Digital Press Gives High Definition

The 8000 digital press features a high-precision, LED-based imaging head said to generate image quality with sharp, crisp details, high definition, and

Convert Wound Care Products

The 4DS dressing converting machine is described as an entry-level addition to company's range of high-end wound care, transdermal patch, and oral strip

Clean CO2 Lenses

The LRO Advanced Optical Cleaning Kit was created for CO2 optics to extend the working life of lenses and improve laser performance and efficiency. Proper

Couple Spindles Quickly

EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling Kits now are available for company's Helipath Stand, DIN Adapter, Thermosel, and EZ-Lock Vane Spindle Set. Reportedly, coupling

Reduce Blown Film Scrap

Multilayer blown film lay-flat measurement and control system for food and medical flexible packaging manufacturers combines the web gauging capabilities

Offset Press Is Waterless

The 52DI-AC digital offset press features an integrated aqueous coater. Environmentally friendly solution offers waterless printing, water-based aqueous

Winder Is Fast

The WOW winder, designed for stretch film applications, is said to offer higher roll quality, winding speed, winder indexing time, material optimization,

Load Cell Is Sensitive

The U-25 Series load cell is small and sensitive and has been designed for harsh environments. Said to be well suited to specialty converting processes,

Achieve Quality Display Graphics

The Onset S20 delivers POP quality production at speeds to 2,690 sq ft/hr or 50 full bed sheets/hr on substrates to 2 in. thick. Said to produce high

Protect Machinery

The TL Series pneumatically engaged, single-position torque limiters are said to deliver superior overload protection for industrial machinery. Several

Primer Is Tough

Polaqua 710 water-based primer is said to provide excellent resistance to grease, oil, and moisture using only small quantities. Suited for paper and

Material Has Recycled Content

UltrosRenu products are a drop-in PVC replacement solution produced with recycled PETG materials. Said to perform with excellent trimming and impact properties

Film Is Compostable

NatureFlex NK compostable film is said to offer biodegradability, compostability, and a moisture barrier approaching that of coextruded OPP. Film is a

Pulse Converter Offered

The APWM Series Pulse Control Converter is designed to mount directly to the input terminals on a 3-32 VDC input SSR (Solid State Relay). Converts a 4-20

UV Power Offered

The Peak LED-UV Series features a high power LED-based UV curing technology for use in the digital, offset, and flexo segments. Design offers a high brightness

Reclaim Plastics

Model 906 T plastics recycling system now has an ergonomically friendly cabinet design and other new features, including touchscreen controls. Designed

Adhesives Offer Economies

PolyTak hot melt adhesives are said to offer excellent paper and paperboard substrate adhesion. With set properties ranging from medium to fast, adhesives

Overprint Varnish Is HP Approved

DigiGuard UV-curable OPV cures and dries the instant it's exposed to UV light to form tough protective surfaces on paper and film printed on HP Indigo

Load Cells Are Slim

The F-Series ultra-slim load cell, made primarily for limited space applications, features high-tensile aluminum construction, adjustable hard stops,

Plates Are Reliable

Screeny digital screen printing plates can be imaged in the printer's existing digital flexo workflow using equipment such as the CDI from Esko. Said

Lifter Saves Strain

The VT Series Tube Lifter features an articulated extension handle with front controls and an optional air-powered assist mechanism to detach a load easily

Press Has Many Benefits

The 700 Direct Drive offers short makeready times, quick-change modules and electronic print length correction. Other reported benefits include precise

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