New Products

Dispense with Accuracy

Models 340PS and 340PSL dispensing valves are said to provide accurate and repeatable fluid dispensing. Both offer true positive-displacement operation

Detect Metal Targets

The IFRH Series of inductive high-temperature sensors is a family of two-part proximity switches for sensing applications exposed to temperatures from

Coatings Are Metallic Alternative & Green

MiraFoil coatings are an environmental alternative to metallic foil laminates. Claimed fully recyclable, coatings are a UV-curable alternative to foil board laminating and hot foil stamping while being equally brilliant to foil.

Unprecedented Gravure Waste Reduction

TAPS (Total-Automatic-Pre-Register-Setting) system is claimed unique to the gravure industry for reducing waste at makeready and changeover. Cylinders can be inserted in the press in any angular position, and through only a single control touc

Mark Splices & Flaws On Roll Products

Formerly called Roll-Aids, "tattle-tails" are bright orange vinyl strips, the size of a bandage, that come with a release glue liner to allow quick slapping to the edge of a roll for marking a splice or flaw

PSA Ideal for Clear Film Applications

Water-based Covinax 462 is a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) said to be ideal for clear film applications that demand no hazing or blushing of the adhesive-coated film

Multiplying Key Coex Layers Improves Properties

Innovative flat extrusion die systems allow multiplying key functional layers in cast film and sheet to improve properties without increasing either overall thickness or raw materials content

Heat Transfer Rolls Are Precision Engineered

Thermal-Flo heat transfer roll is engineered with precision to provide the temperature control needed for converting, including flexible packaging applications

Prevent Vibration Stripes on CI Presses

The rotec Atlas Adapter offers a high quality carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) structure combined with a polyurethane (PU) coating (with a hardness of 75 Shore D)

Slitter Modified To Handle New Cigarette Paper

Rapid-d1 slitter has been adapted to handle the modified texture of the new cigarette paper. By means of special treatment, the new paper is intended to prevent a cigarette from continued smoldering after the smoker stops drawing for a certain time on the cigarette

Proofing System Is Portable

The Phantom QD Quick Drawdown Proofing System is reported to be the first fully portable proofing system. Equipped with its own pressure loading system

Flexo Press Has Linear Drives & Motors

Flexo Elite Series flexographic printing press is equipped with patented Linearset Positioning System that utilizes linear motor technology for print deck movement as well as printing cylinder and anilox roller positioning

Color Gamut Is Expanded

An extended color gamut on :Dotrix Modular single-pass digital inkjet press features six-color, UV-curable inkjet inks. The orange and violet color stations

Control Register Intuitively

The Luna intuitive register control system is part of the Flexico V5 range of plate mounting machines. The multi-tasking V5 is said to assist perfect,

Shrink Sleeve Ink Has Low Odor

The 9200 Series UV flexo shrink sleeve ink reportedly features low odor, high flexibility, high slip, and excellent rheology characteristics. Formulated

Slitter Runs Fast

The Solitaire Series of slitter/rewinders reportedly offers a compact design, high-end capability, high speeds, and reliable processing of webs to 800

Cool Air for Blown Film

Redesigned blown film air coolers offer improved performance, energy efficiency, and reduced space requirements, company says. Compact design features

Slot Die for High Speeds

Rotary slot die for high-speed application of PSAs is said to provide clear, streak-free coating while making possible coat weights as low as 0.5 mil.

Change Coatings Quickly

The VersaCoater DocuMate Plus UV coater features built-in IR designed to handle wax-infused inks. Compact, user-friendly coater is compatible with photographic,

Move Rolls Safely

The battery-powered RollMover is said to increase productivity and ensure worker safety when heavy loads need to be moved. Has the power to move loads

Measure Accurately

The IPlus! gauging platform is designed to accurately measure weight or thickness in cast film extrusion, sheet extrusion, nonwovens, vinyl calendering,

Get High Bond Strength

Polaqua 103-L lamination and printing primer is designed for PP and a range of other films. Said to provide high bond strengths using only minute application

Rollstands for Winding Control

Solution Series shafted rollstands range from a simple A-frame with brakes, safety chucks, and a shaft to more complex systems with closed or open loop

Inspect In-Line

The EasyMac.MC print inspection system is based on company's QC-In-Line concept. Compact camera systems are placed in-line with production process, allowing

Ink Has High Bond Values

PolarTek universal flexo white laminating ink reportedly can be used over many existing ink systems to deliver high bond values with all laminating processes,

Turners, Aerators Can Stop Injuries

Mobile Pile Turners and Mobile Jogger Aerators double as electric pallet-trucks, which are self-propelled, battery powered, have a built-in charger, and

Cantilever Press Is Offered

Cantilever press features direct servo-driven sleeve, anilox rolls, and automatic registration. Constant speed is ensured at roll change with either roll-to-roll

Get Accurate Tension Reading

The EasyView tension indicator is a compact, low-cost, general-purpose web tension amplifier with display. Indicator is powered by 24 volts DC and amplifies

Servomotors Shorten Cycles

Company says additions to the 1FT7 line of high-performance servomotors result in shorter machine cycles due to higher dynamic response, gained through

Proofing System Tracks & Trends Performance

Proofing package features a stand-alone module that allows customers to monitor and create pass/fail stickers for proofs. Includes a database to track

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