Eumaprint on the Road to Revival

ACIMGA will act as administrating body of Eumaprint, in charge of revitalizing the group of six European trade associations

Project Management Module Offered by IQMS

The JobShop discrete manufacturing order program from IQMS manages every aspect of a project for efficiency

Management | Position Your Business to Maximize Value

Prepare now if you plan to sell your company in the next five years

Manage Data with Honeywell Software

Intuition Executive software from Honeywell offers enterprise-wide information management and decision support to help executives make better decisions

Experience Speaks | Rex Lane

WS Packaging Group's CEO explains how to make significant changes in an organization's culture and the reason why he's a Peyton Manning fan in Packerland

Operon Systems Introduces MRP Solution

The Phoenix MRP/MES system from Operon Systems helps production managers plan and schedule the purchase or raw materials with efficiency

Management | Thinking of Selling Your Company? Move Quickly!

Short-term optimism for acquisitions will be replaced with difficult economic and market conditions in the long term. This article defines the global causes for this forecasted scenario.

Label Traxx Highlights Management Software

Digi Traxx allows companies with existing business management systems to automate order production to the HP Indigo press

Experience Speaks | Tom Spina

Luminer Converting Group's CEO reveals his key to growing a business in a bad economy.

Alexander Watson Assoc. Offers M&A Forum

Senior management will be updated on mergers & acquisitions in the packaging, coating, and converting industries at the upcoming AWA Forum

SME Funds TBM Program for Canada

The Society of Mfg. Engineers is donating money to help Canadian students pursue engineering careers and to help educate the workforce

Three AIMCAL Events Are on the Horizon

Upcoming AIMCAL events include the Management Meeting, the first European technical conference, and the US Web Coating/Web Handling conference

2011 | Year-End Review

The packaging industry continued to exhibit an increase in M&A volumes in 2011.

ERP Systems | The 7 Most Common Disguised Expenses

The hidden expenses often found in low-cost ERP systems.

Free Tool from Rockwell Predicts Safety System ROI

Safety Return on Investment Tool helps potential users justify the cost of acquiring an integrated safety automation system



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