RadTech Seeks Nominations for Sustainability Awards

Organization says awards will highlight the real-world ways companies promote sustainability through UV/EB technology

Acimga Reports on the Italian Graphic and Paper Industry

Market survey indicates optimism from market players but also points to stagnation of the domestic market and increasing foreign competition

Global Beer Label Market Studied by AWA

Offers analysis of key demand influences and market drivers

Holography | Industry Developments Give Packagers an Edge

Advances in film coating and manufacturing open the door for innovative use of holographic materials

OMET Awards Scholarships to Children of Employees

For the second year in a row, company offers 10 scholarships to children who have distinguished themselves at high schools or in universities

Channeled Resources Group Applies for Green Tier Program

The company has applied for a Tier 1 status for its manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, a status given for an excellent environmental record

Label PRomotion | Shock Value: Yea or Nay?

Can label shock value give a product's audience a reason to buy?

Smithers Pira Reports on Global Packaging Market

Sales are expected to reach $975 billion by 2018, with trends varying by geographical regions

Healthcare Packaging | App Turns Package into New Content Channel

Viewed through mobile device, printed icon delivers medical information and much more

Label PRomotion | Pitch Media with Creative Labeling

Here are 5 ways product labels can encourage positive press

Experience Speaks | Frank Papa

President and CEO of Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions explains why he relishes turnaround environments

Brand Owner Trends | Consumer Packaging to 2018

Smithers PIRA offers insight into the role innovation and sustainability will play in consumer packaging of the future

Label PRomotion | Use Labels To Encourage User Reviews

Labels can provide one excellent channel for encouraging reviews and suggestions for improvement

Label PRomotion | Label Errors Generate PR—But Not the Kind You Want

There’s an old adage that any PR is good PR—that exposure is valuable regardless of the reasons. I beg to differ

Market Trends | Profile of North American Label Industry

Jackie Marolda, VP/senior consultant, AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., provides insights into trends, opportunities, and threats in today’s North American labeling market



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