Elsner Engineering Update Website

HANOVER, PA | Elsner Engineering Works has announced an update of its company website.  The amount of information available  has been greatly expanded, says the company with a more detailed “Equipment” page and other updates throughout.

The previous version of the website offered a selection of product categories to determine the proper Elsner machine for their use.  Now, in addition to this assistance, those familiar with Elsner’s machine model numbers can go directly to the machine for which they are looking.

Because Elsner serves a broad range of the converting and packaging industries, it is difficult to list all possible categories of products, says the company. Listing the machines by model will be used as a tool for Elsner’s sales team to direct new inquirers with special projects. This will also enable existing customers to keep up with improvements to specific machinery designs when considering adding or upgrading their existing Elsner machinery. The amount of information available for each machine has also been increased, says Elsner sources. Each model of Elsner machine now has a .pdf version of the sales brochure available on the website.

In addition to the “Equipment” page, several notable changes were made to the home page. Elsner added a link to their popular YouTube channel, as well as a “Customer Testimonial” link offering a glimpse of Elsner’s valued customer relationships.

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