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Control Quality on Webs
Erhardt + Leimer, Spartanburg, SC; 864/486-3000;
The ELSIS surface inspection system performs quality control on all types of continuous or cut webs. Universal software packages are available for each field of application. The CCD camera is said to be highly sensitive and to provide high scan and processing rates. All processing electronics are integrated into the camera.

Auto Die Control Offered in North America
Davis-Standard, Fulton, NY; 315/598-7121;
Company now offers a North American version of its automatic die control system. The die, engineered for extrusion coating, laminating, and cast film processes, is said to provide precise control of the melt curtain to improve film quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Features a graphic-based interface; recipe management; automatic switch-over; automatic suppression of defective profiles after a roll change at unwind or by alteration of the line speed; and set profile functions for special applications.

Calibrate Without Weights
MAGPOWR, Fenton, MO; 800/ 624-7697;
New feature of the Cygnus tension control is the ability to calibrate load cells without weights. Reportedly, this will allow operators to maintain consistent tension throughout the web and eliminate lengthy set-up procedures. Other features include automatic tuning and out-of-round compensation to ensure consistent roll quality.

Control Systems Offered
C.A. Litzler Co., Cleveland, OH; 216/267-8020;
Drives and control systems include comprehensive mechanical and electrical automation system design, development, and fabrication; disciplined PLC software design and development; intuitive operator interface software design and development (Human Machine Interface); coordinated servo and drives control; vision systems; and tension control.

Control Unwind Tension
Montalvo Corp., Gorham, ME; 207/856-2501;
The X-3400 unwind tension controller reportedly optimizes the combination of analog and digital features; provides accurate, repeatable tension control on all web processing machinery; and can be configured for use as an intermediate infeed or outfeed controller. Offers digital diagnostics and web break detection.

Drive has Ethernet Capability
AC Technology, Uxbridge, MA; 508/278-9100;
Company reports the release of a 10/100 mbps Ethernet port on its Model 940 PositionDrive. The port is fully hardware 802.3 compliant, which allows the unit to be connected to any Ethernet network and use the full range of standard network equipment. This high-performing digital servo drive with a simple, robust motion controller can operate AC servos with AC induction motors.

Load Cell for Demanding Uses
Cleveland Motion Controls, Cleveland, OH; 800/321-8072;
The UPB under-pillow-block-style load cell features a 40.1 tension range and noise immunity for precise tension measurement on web processes, company reports. Said to offer an ideal solution for demanding vacuum environments such as the production of solar cells, metallized films and foils, and vacuum deposition. Compact, low-profile design can be mounted at any angle and used for retrofit or new machinery.

Tension Control in Roll Stand
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162;
Roll stand incorporates proportional-type tension control system to allow for automatic brake compensation as roll decreases in diameter. Eliminates the need to thread the web through load cell tensioning rolls or dancer roll-type mechanisms, while reportedly providing the level of precise web tautness required for accurate cutoffs on a sheeter.

Single-Axis Drive is Modular
Siemens Energy & Automation, Alpharetta, GA; 770/871-3800;
The Sinamics S120 AC drive is for high-performance, single-axis applications. Modular concept separates power and intelligence. Freely selectable combinations of power sections and controllers reportedly increase flexibility and scalability of the drive system.

NEW Rollem InsigniaX3 machine cutting 30mil thick laminated materials

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