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A Sweet New Look
Nestlé has been producing Smarties since 1937, and since that time the candy has been sold in a cylinder tube-shaped container with a plastic lid. When Nestlé decided recently it was time for a change, the task fell to Chesapeake Corp. The result: a hexagonal carton with a reclosable flip-top closure. Field First and Field Rotopack, two subsidiaries of Chesapeake, are producing the cartons in England and Germany, respectively. Both worked closely with Nestlé to develop the closure and ensure the design would run smoothly on high-speed packaging lines. The package is produced using coated folding carton board and is printed in six colors with an overcoat varnish.

Got Curves?
More than 2 million liters of fresh milk are consumed in Greece every day, and Delta Dairy supplies 41% of that. So when the dairy recently relaunched all its core fresh milk products in Elopak’s Diamond Pure-Pak Curve cartons, that meant a lot of cartons! The design gives the gable-top carton a modern shape, says Elopak, adding the 5th panel curve and diamond shape of the gable top give the carton clear differentiation for stronger communication of consumer benefits and brand messages. In addition, the wider screw cap provides increased functionality with improved pouring, as well as easier opening, closing, and drinking.

It’s Here, It Zips, It’s Gone
A degradable zipper from Zip-Pak, Breda, the Netherlands, allows film and bag converters to produce environmentally friendly packaging that features the added convenience of a press-to-close zipper. The zipper is manufactured with a proprietary blend of pro-oxidant catalysts and the company’s standard PE copolymer. Zipper is capable of breaking down through physical or biological processes such as heat, moisture, UV light, or microorganisms, company reports. The additive that enables this is FDA approved, making zipper suited for both food and nonfood applications.

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