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Pharmaceutical films designed for protection

Two pharmaceutical grades of fluoropolymer film are available for barrier protection from Allied Signal Plastics, Morristown, NJ.

Allied Signal has introduced Aclar SupRx 900 and Aclar UltRx. Along with Rx 160, they comprise the Rx series of high-performance barrier films.

"Aclar SupRx 900 and Aclar UltRx 2000, combined with Rx 160, represent the next generation of Aclar films, and focus on optimizing product performance and cost." Frank Bieganousky, marketing development specialist, said.

The films are designed for improved barrier protection and harmonization of stability testing. They are said to provide superior moisture barrier, excellent optical clarity, ultraviolet stability, chemical inertness, and nonyellowing chemistry.

The films are readily thermoformable on existing blister packaging equipment and can reduce blister package size, carton size, and increase machine efficiencies, resulting in reduced total packaging costs, according to the company.

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