Trademark Registered for multiGUARD Solar Panel Backsheets Photovoltaic Products

SPENCER, MA | FLEXcon has a newly approved registered trademark name for its solar panel backsheet protective laminate products—FLEXcon multiGUARD.  This trademark is registered in both the US and Europe, and the products are made in the US and available to customers globally.

FLEXcon has been providing the photovoltaic industry with its solar module backsheet solutions for over five years. The four multi-layer film and adhesive standard products offered for use in solar modules are FLEXcon multiGUARD TPT W12, FLEXcon multiGUARD TPE W12, FLEXcon multiGUARD KPK W12, and FLEXcon multiGUARD KPE W12. All backsheets are rerported to meet the rigorous standards for partial discharge and comply with strict industry standards such as UL and IEC.

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