Andrews Decal Co. Unveils New Identity

CHICAGO, IL | Andrews Decal Co., a printer of a wide variety of custom labels and decals, announces the rebranding of its company to Gallas Label & Decal. The name change reflects the ongoing leadership that helped the Chicago label printer prosper for more than 65 years. Gallas Label & Decal celebrates the launch with a new website——complete with a fresh design. The same owner, management, and representatives will continue in their roles in this family-owned business. The company will retain the same phone number and Chicago location.

"We’re excited about launching Gallas Label & Decal," says VP Mark Gallas. “This seamless change rebrands our company and reflects the care and passion we bring to our business. It's a branding challenge we regularly help clients resolve—and now we're doing it for ourselves."

In 1947, Andrews Decal Co. was founded and named after one of the partners. Although Andrews left the company in its early years, just like Andrews’ labels, the name stuck. Henry Gallas, the father of the current president, merged his own printing company, Gateway Printing, with Andrews Decal Co. in 1954. Henry’s son, Gary, joined the company in 1978. In 2005, Gary’s son, Mark came onboard.

Historically, Gallas reinvested to grow, improve, and strengthen business through equipment acquisitions, facility improvements, and training employees. Today, the company prints labels for a variety of markets that include industrial, spirits, and health and beauty aids to name a few. Management committed to Lean Manufacturing and ISO 9001:2008 Initiatives and added more than 50 UL-approved label constructions to its extensive roster of offerings. The new identity is another evolution that represents the company’s unique, creative, and dynamic culture. In 2013, Gallas looks forward to applying for ISO certification.

“Henry Gallas, my father, was brought into the company early on. His passion for printing technologies and client satisfaction were integral to the company’s success for decades," says Gary Gallas, president. “We look forward to continuing to provide a high level of satisfaction. We're grateful to our clients whose loyalty and business helped us achieve success and longevity. In fact, some of our clients have been doing business with us since the 1950s."

Clients have often asked, “Who is Andrews?” Today, the Gallas name and leadership makes perfect sense.

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