Jury Is Announced for DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards

An impressive panel of judges will evaluate entries for innovation, sustainability, and cost/waste reduction in the DuPont packaging awards competition

EDI Names Extrudex Its Agent in France

Extrudex wil represent the full line of EDI's equipment, including dies, feedblocks, and related extrusion equipment, in France

K 2013 Will Show How Plastics Move the World

The role of plastics in mobility will highlight the 2013 K Show, offering climate-compatible energy and transport concepts in multimedia presentations

Small, Light Zip-Pak Slider Option Has Ergonomic Design

Offering leak resistance and speeds above 150 closures/min, the Slider Select also cuts costs by reducing the mass of the system

PCR Milked for Flex-Pack

Consumer demands to preserve the environment is a trend Hood Packaging takes seriously. The biggest challenge is simultaneously keeping upcharges for more sustainable converted products within reason

Pet Food Packaging: Evolution, Revolution & Innovation

Steady growth in sales of pet food and pet care supplies continues to drive experimentation in new delivery channels and packaging

Seeing Red

Curwood, Oshkosh, WI, has introduced FreshCase material technology designed to deliver all the advantages of vacuum packaging — superior flavor, quality, and extended shelf life — while maintaining the fresh red color consumers prefer.

Facility Tests Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

Web Industries opens a new 10,000-sq-ft Composites Automation Development Ctr. in the Atlanta area to help its customers test new and emerging carbon fiber composite materials for qualification and use in the automated fiber placement manufacturing process.

Package Design: Make an Impact

Pity the poor package designers. Their task is formidable: Create a package that appeals to consumers; is easy to open, yet tamper-resistant; meets all

Reifenhuser Reports Record Orders

TROISDORF, GERMANY | According to the Cast Film Business Unit of Reifenhuser Group, the engineering industry in 2010 showed clear signs of financial recovery

Polinas Adds Nuroll

MANISA, TURKEY | Film manufacturer Polinas has acquired 100% of the shares of Nuroll, a manufacturer of BOPET located in Pignataro Maggiore, Italy. The

Web Lines: Wrinkling of Foils

In our everyday lives, our main experience with foil likely comes from wrapping a potato in kitchen-grade aluminum foil. Wrinkling thin aluminum foil

Overlaminating Films Resist Heat

XL-1600 and XL-1601 high-temperature, clear overlaminating films reportedly offer high heat resistance, dimensional stability, and excellent resistance

Flexographic Printing: A Push for Growth

Myron Geiser, general manager of Capri Packaging, modestly suggests that everyone's got presses and laminators. So, we've got a new W&H pressanybody can

Get Stainless Look in Film

Company now offers cross-hatch and Tru-Stainless patterns for what is said to be a rich, stainless steel look in a film. Patterns are available with any

Enercon Corona Technology

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