NorSpoutBag Is Package of the Year

NorSpoutBagHALLE/WESTPHALIA, STEINFELD, GERMANY | A packaging innovation developed by Mondi Halle, Steinfeld plant, has now been heralded “Package of the Year” in the US. The Assn. for Dressings & Sauces (ADS) gave the award to acknowledge the “Mix & Shake Bag” concept by Coldec, which is based on the NorSpoutBag brought to market maturity in Steinfeld. The ADS celebrated the bag as an exceptional solution for future applications in the dressing and sauces industry. The award was accepted in Scottsdale, AZ, by representatives of the US plant, Mondi Jackson, which also has capacities to manufacture the NorSpoutBag like the European locations of Mondi.

The organization presents the “Package of the Year” award annually to honor the best packaging idea for the dressings, sauces, and condiments sector. The patented NorSpoutBag is also optimally suited to this sector: alongside all of the advantages of a high-grade flexible packaging, it also features a screw-cap integrated into the top fold, guaranteeing originality. In addition, the convenient handle on the back of the premium packaging enables the product to be poured safely and simply using just one hand.

The award-winning “Mix & Shake Bag” concept offers a capacity of 2.5 liters and stands out due to its attractive printing in eight colors. “Winning this award proves that with the NorSpoutBag, we have provided the perfect response to the current market requirements,” says Jens Kösters, technical service manger at the Steinfeld plant and happy “inventor” of the NorSpoutBag. “Rigid packaging such as canisters or blow-molded containers is increasingly being replaced by flexible packaging like the NorSpoutBag.” According to Kösters, the convenience of the closure system and the handle on the back is also a contributing factor. “As a consumer packaging with an attractive design, the NorSpoutBag appeals to the retail customer in the best possible way. This results in a rapid purchase decision,” emphasizes Köster. He also designates the space-saving and practical disposal of the bag as a further reason why buyers are opting for this sustainable packaging solution.

The NorSpoutBag is available in many variants for a large number of applications and market segments, depending on customer requirements. “Aside from food for the consumer sector, the bag is also suitable for packaging industrial cleansing products or lubricants for the B2B sector – with two alternative spouts, altered proportions, and various graphic design options, entirely according to the customer's requests,” explains Project Manager Daniella Dittmar of Mondi Halle, Steinfeld plant. The Mix & Shake Bag concept by Coldec, which is based on the NorSpoutBag brought to market maturity by Mondi, has been given the Package of the Year award by the Assn. for Dressings & Sauces (ADS).

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