Release Liners: Challenges Ahead

The world's largest market for release liners is self-adhesive label stock. At the 2004 AWA Global Release Liner Conference, held in Helsinki, Finland,

Union Industries Orders Nordmeccanica Laminator

Nordmeccanica reports that Union Industries, Providence, RI, USA, has placed an order for the installation of the manufacturer's solvent-free laminator, the Super Duplex Compact SL.

Avoiding Surface Contamination

Many readers of this column undoubtedly have undertaken projects in their living quarters that involved painting. All cans of paint come with many items

Investing in Success

When PFFC first met Coating Excellence Intl. in 2000, it was an up-and-coming startup just settling into its new 50,000-sq-ft facility in Wrightstown,

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Flexible packaging is the unifying theme for the 2004 TAPPI PLACE Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, on August 30 to September 2. The meeting comprises

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

The TAPPI 2004 PLACE Conference (August 30-Sept. 2, 2004) moves to a totally new location this year, the Westin Indianapolis Hotel, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

Safety in Converting: Part III

The previous two columns in this series on safety discussed two of the three important safety issues in a converting operation: heat hazards and pinching

Weight Control

The quality and performance of a coated product depend on obtaining the desired coating weight and maintaining its uniformity in all the rolls of manufactured product.

Safety in Converting: Part II

Last month this column began a series of three articles on safety in the converting industry. It noted that safety concerns in the converting industry

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Providing practical information to the converting and packaging industries —a Communication from the Polymers, Laminations, and Coatings Div. of TAPPI.

How to Influence Gloss and Friction Coatings or Cast Films by the Chill Roll Surface Design

The chill roll surface layer and design have important technical influences on extrusion coating and cast film processes.

UV Retrofit Adds Markets

Green Printing and Packaging Co., a Lexington, NC, sub. of Chesapeake Corp., serves markets such as pharmaceutical/healthcare and technology that require

Coater to Provide Solutions

JLICH, GERMANY Schleipen & Erkens (S+E) reports the recent startup of a new coating machine that will enable it to provide highly specialized solutions

Using a Chemical Primer for High Bonds & Low Oxygen Transmission

Application: A new aqueous primer can produce strong adhesion and low oxygen transmission rates in plastic packaging laminates. The coating has use in-line as an extrusion primer or applied to a film and rewound for subsequent extrusion, lamination, or printing work.

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