AIMCAL Awards | Toothpaste Carton Is 'Touching' Winner

The Assn. of Intl. Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators names winners of its competitions for product, sustainability, and technical awards

Monadnock Using Michelman Coating in New Development

Monadnock’s Astrolite Digital+ Cover uses Michelman’s DigiPrime 1600 coating to satisfy performance standards for HP Indigo print media

Nordmeccanica and Hydro Demonstrate Benefits of Thin Foil

The two companies sponsored a workshop to demonstrate thin foil running on a Combi 3000 laminator at high speeds

Sticking With It | Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives 101

Adhesives expert Ingrid Brase provides a nuts and bolts overview of PSAs in her inaugural column, which will focus on making the right adhesive choices.

Dow and Nordmeccanica Collaborate

Hoping to advance developments in flexible packaging technology, the two companies will highlight their collaboration at drupa 2016

Brückner to Show In-Line Coating System

System will be on display at Plastimagen 2016 in Mexico City, as will an energy monitor and more

ATP Offers Water-Based P-S Adhesives

Systems are said to work with no loss of adhesion to substrate, making them well suited for outdoor applications

Coating Tech Institute Registration Is Open

The next edition of the training program is scheduled for next summer in conjunction with Chemsultants International

AGL Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Advanced Greig Laminators offers a wide range of equipment, including custom-made industrial laminators

Coating Matters | Clean Coating and Fluid Preparation

When you are concerned about cleanliness of a finished product, the best place to start is at the beginning.

Jemmco Moves into Expanded Facility

The new facility, which is 20% larger, is said to be a response to company’s expanding product line

Poligal Adds BOBST Metallizer, Joins AlOx Conversion Project

First BOBST AlOx metallizer for European BOPP market.

AIMCAL Announces Management Meeting

Event will offer programs on leadership, economics, working with other cultures, and more

Coating | Solution Delivery for High-Precision Coating, Pt. 1

Do the upfront work of characterizing the solution properties and understanding the product requirements to create a well-designed delivery system.

BOBST System Offers Selective Metallization

The SelectMet system features flexo technology and can be used for both standard aluminum metallization and selective metallization

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