Open Solventless Laminating Demo Trials


On April 10, Nordmeccanica and Rohm and Haas, Philadephia, PA, will offer free solventless laminating demonstration trials to both their customers and to anyone wishing to attend who registers for the event at Nordmeccanica's Edgewood facility in Long Island. The event will feature Rohm and Haas Mor-free solventless adhesives (Mor-free 225), suitable for retort packaging applications, and a new fast-cure adhesive (Mor-free L75-164) for hot fill food packaging. Fast-cure adhesives are said to reduce cure time by over 50% and allow slitting after 4 hr for same-shift processing. Nordmeccanica will demonstrate the latest version of its Super Simplex SL that has become the most sold model in North America. To attend, contact Rohm and Haas (215-592-3112; or Nordmeccanica (631-242-9898;

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