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On My Way to Tel Aviv

We’re all basking in the afterglow of a Hawks win in Chi-town! Now that was a piece of teamwork if I ever saw one! You can’t capture the Stanley Cup with only one player. Not much different from our businesses. But with the excitement of last week’s win, I’m off to Tel Aviv, Israel, to participate in a VIP tour hosted by HP Indigo for a Labels and Packaging Event. Be sure to follow me on my journey as I try to blog from afar.

Let’s see if technology is all it’s cracked up to be.

Right now I have the weather to thank for a 2-1/2 hour delay! Let’s hope I don’t miss my connection!

A Weird Thing Happened on April 20

On the same day I visited Earth Friendly Products with my staff for my Blog entry, titled “What Did You Do on Earth Day?” the BP oil rig explosion occurred. Since that time we’ve been watching and waiting as millions of gallons of oil have spewed into the Gulf of Mexico.

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What Did You Do for Earth Day?

On April 20, just two days ago, my staff (including Claudia Hine and Nsenga Thompson) and I took a road trip to Addison, IL, to get a “sneak peak” of a solar-powered installation at a company called Earth Friendly Products–the largest commercial solar-powered installation in Illinois.

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ICE USA Enthusiasm Warms Up

Last Friday was an eventful day for me for several reasons. First, I felt like a fly on the wall as a newly named member of the Steering Committee of the ICE USA expo that's slated for April 6–8, 2011, at the Orlando Orange County Convention Ctr. in Orlando, FL. That meeting represented the high note of my day.

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Collecting Ideas for Trade Shows

I'm in the fortunate position (I think!) of being able to relate ideas and criticisms to show organizers who serve the paper, film, foil, printing, carton & boxmaking, converting, and label manufacturing industries. Generally, I parrot back to them what I hear from my readers as well as the advertisers (and potential exhibitors at their shows) who attend their exhibitions. Now would be a great time to hear from PFFC's subscribers, advertisers, and website visitors who have a point of view to express.

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Converters Expo Staged for March 4

I've always wondered why anyone would stage an exposition in the middle of winter–in Green Bay, WI, no less. Well there's one very good reason that I think even Green Bay Packer legend Vince Lombardi would agree with–to do serious business! And, yes, I'm taking my 4WD Escape to make sure the weather doesn't factor into my attendance.

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Weighing In on the 2010 Recovery

If you've had a chance to read PFFC's current January cover article titled, “2010 Year of Recovery” by Bill Hornell of Mesirow Financial, you would have seen complementary input provided by some of our industry's leading associations. (Also check out a free recorded webinar that PFFC hosted live with sponsorship from Fife on our industry's Critical Trends.) While I recognize that I have a somewhat biased view, I thought their comments were particularly insightful and contributed to making this article a “must read” as we say in the publishing business.

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Aid to Haiti

What efforts or contributions has or can your company make to helping those in desperate need in Haiti? This morning the island suffered another aftershock that measured 6.1 on the Richter scale. Then it dawned on me that the converting industry probably has a lot to offer.

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Free Webinar Helps Converters Strategize for 2010

In order to know what direction your 2010 strategy should take, it helps to know where you’ve been. Armed with 2009 converter benchmarks, discover how you stack up against your converter competitors to strengthen your 2010 plans for success. Let what happened in 2009, stay in 2009!

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What Willl Make ICE USA Successful?

Now that CMM is history, what will make the new Mack Brooks Exhibition (MBE) group’s ICE USA (April 6–8, 2011, in Orlando) successful? Will it be the conferences, the number of exhibitors, the type of exhibitors, working equipment? How can they attract attendees?

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