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Coating flow forces battling for control.

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Porous Substrates

Nonwovens, fabrics, papers and membranes provide unique substrates for fluid coating applications. Depending on the final product needs, the fluid may need to be placed on top of the substrate, penetrate all the way through the substrate or some arrangement of the fluid between these two extremes. So what can you do to control fluid flow once the liquid is placed on the substrate? The keys lie in coating technique and understanding the wetting behavior of the fluid.

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Coating, Casting, and Curtains

When a slot die is coating a fluid, does it care which way it is pointed? No, it does not. So why are different terms utilized when the same piece of equipment is pointing up in the air, down towards the ground, or horizontally towards the wall?

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Stepwise Process Fluid Coating

After a fluid is deposited onto a substrate anything can happen. While the fluid is balancing on the substrate and traveling to the curing section of the process, what will the fluid do?

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Optimization of Fluid Coating

Developing a product in the fluid coating industries requires determination of raw materials to provide for the differentiated features of the product, but equally important is the process development associated with turning these raw materials into an effectively and efficiently produced item. Whether you are looking to develop an improved tape, label, battery, or optical film, understanding and optimizing the coating process is important. The larger this coating window the more latitude there is for success.

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Fighting Viscous Forces to Improve Fluid Coating Success

When it comes to slot die fluid coating, the mathematical equations that dictate flow are fundamental, but the details are complicated. The goal with understanding the math should be not to make things more complicated, but to simplify the understanding and lead engineers and operators towards common controls for adjusting at the coating line. So let’s do just that…

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Particles in Fluid Coating

With the modern coating era upon us, the need to coat functional materials has grown exponentially. Whether you are looking to coat flexible electronics, solar panels, optical films, or energy storage devices, the need for fluids that provide transmission of energy is important. So how can fluids provide this superior performance? Particles.

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Slot Die Coating Technology

Slot die coating technology is a function of the coating process, auxiliary system and fundamental technique. The decision to utilize a coating technology needs to be analyzed against these functions to determine best fit. In the era of clean, thin and precise converting operations, a customized coating system is necessary to have a technical edge. Building the system from the material up to the process sets the stage for a high precision tool designed around the process needs.

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Interfacial Dynamics

When describing fluid flow onto substrates to people not living in the world of converting operations is like trying to explain rocket science to a pig. Very few people ever wonder how the glue on tape is placed, or how plastic sheets focus light on a TV screen. I guess we are some of the lucky few!

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Streak Formation

Streak formation is misunderstood and misdiagnosed in the world of coating.  Understand how streaks are formed and how to eliminate them.

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