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You Get What You Pay For, Part 2

Last issue I discussed what happens to a blown film manufacturer on a shoestring budget. It is a financial truth that if a company does not make enough money on the product it sells, then something has to give, i.e., either it will eventually go out of business, or some necessary expense must be eliminated. Let’s look at some of these and see what areas an end user can focus on when meeting with a supplier.

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You Get what You Pay For, or Caveat Emptor.

Yup… the old adage is true. All things being equal, you get what you pay for. Since my days at Cryovac, Mobil Plastics, James River Corp, et al, and then consulting with many, many companies, I have seen the full gamut of quality in the blown film / cast film / extrusion coating and laminating / packaging / converting industries. The larger, more reputable companies offer excellent quality products and excellent service at a price commensurate with those attributes.

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Techniques to Prevent/Minimize Die Lines

I’m sorry about the long gap between posts. I have been working as an expert witness on a very interesting and demanding case which has taken all of my time for the last two months. Now… back to die lines.

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What’s Up With Die Lines

We’ve all seen them. We really don’t like to see them. We’ve invented ingenious ways to deal with them, like oscillating and rotating dies and extruders, but we just can’t seem to get rid of them permanently, and like a bad penny, they always show up when least desired and expected.

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It’s Nice to Be Back

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new Blog. It’s been a while, as I had to take some time off after selling Great Lakes Technologies. I am happy to be back writing in the paper, film and foil converting world. I’ll be writing on various topics that the typical polymer processor would encounter on the job, whether it be an everyday activity such as die streaks, or a new plant start-up. In fact, that’s a great first topic… Let’s talk about die streaks next time.

Please feel free to write me with questions. I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely fashion. Until then, Happy Converting!

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