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Largest ever NPE show—More than 65,000 attendees from around the globe, more than 1.1 million sq ft (102, 250 sq m) of floor space occupied by more than 2,300+ exhibitors.

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Reducing Surface Contamination

Most extrusion operations aren't affected by or concerned with surface contamination.  Those that are, such as polyester film and sheet manufacturers for critical end-use applications, face a constant battle to ensure a quality finished product.

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The Benefits of Ozone in Extrusion Laminating

As I visit clients and conduct plant tours and technology assessments, one glaring omission that I quite often see is lack of ozone pre-treatment equipment.

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ICE USA 2015 - Orlando, Florida Summary

Small, but full of content... that's how I'd describe the International Converting Exhibition (ICE) in Orlando, Florida last week.

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Malaysian Plastics Industry Update–Pt. 2

What accounts for why Asian costs compared to US & Europe are so much less for extruded plastic film, sheet, profiles, and injection molded parts?

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Malaysian Plastics Industry Update: January 2015

The Malaysian plastics industry is booming with varied technological levels employing a mix of legacy and newer equipment.

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I just returned from PACK EXPO 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago. This year, PACK EXPO combined with Pharma Expo to create one BIG show.  What a great show it was!!!

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Microphazer Films Offers Unique Ultra-Thin Film Products

I recently had a chance to meet with Eric Arrington, founder and president of Microphazer Films out of Rochester, New York.  Arrington, a former scientist at Kodak holds multiple patents and has been in the extrusion industry for more than 30 years, and has invented a way to produce ultra-thin, un-oriented, amorphous polymer films.  I will review my interview with him in this blog.

Microphazer Films, LLC is a new, privately held company that has developed a method to produce thin, unoriented films made from amorphous polymers.  To those skilled in the art, this means that a whole new, and broad array of polymers are now available to be made into thin films, in the range of 3μ (micron) thick, which is about 25 times thinner than the diameter of a human hair.

Eric has been working on this invention much of the time since he left Kodak in 2007.  While much of that time was spent was with photographic paper, he learned


Eric is also a former student of mine at UMASS-Lowell.  We had a chance to catch up, and he told me the projects he is working on.

Contact Eric Arrington at (585) 919-7507 or for further information

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Processing Tips to Prevent Gauge Bands - Part 4

This article will discuss in general terms what can be done with resin additives and formulations to improve resistance to polymer degradation and gauge bands.

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Processing Tips to Prevent Gauge Bands - Part 3

Part 3 of this mini series will discuss proper shutdown procedures to minimize or eliminate gauge bands in extrusion coated and cast film products.

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