Regulatory agencies to see impact of Republican contract

It's already apparent the Republican House of Representatives' Contract with America and other proposals to limit the size of the federal government aren't

Latin American industry remains untapped market

With the recent advent of NAFTA, SAFTA, GATT and the Miami Summit, the industrial world has focused on the many Latin American nations.There is a huge

Empowerment investment required to reap rewards.

You're now empowered is a phrase being heard around many Fortune 500 companies today.Is it fashionable? Yes, it is. However, senior executives want to

Australian firm plans three-year expansion

Jac Australia Pty. Ltd., West Footscray, Australia, has announced it's planning an estimated $25-million capital expenditure and expansion program.The

Crystallizing line starts production in China.

The government-owned Shanghai Chemical Plant's PET crystallizing line began operations in September 1994 to produce X-ray film for the medical industry

Canadian firm constructs pilot polyethylene plant

A Canadian petrochemical and plastic supplier announced plans to construct a $20 million (Canadian) polyethylene pilot plant.Novacor Chemicals Ltd., Calgary,

Ethylene supplier plans production increases

A Cincinnati, OH, company has announced it plans to increase its polyethylene, ethylene and acetic acid production capacities to meet strong market demand.Quantum

Pharmaceutical films designed for protection

Two pharmaceutical grades of fluoropolymer film are available for barrier protection from Allied Signal Plastics, Morristown, NJ.Allied Signal has introduced

Investment to help growth for converter

Amcor Ltd., Melbourne, Australia, has made an investment in Flexible Holding Inc., Seattle, WA, to help accelerate FHI's growth through its wholly-owned

Self-wound label acts as release liner

Self-wound interleaved ribbons and labels for thermal-transfer printing are available from Media Solutions Inc., Longmeadow, MA, and IIMAK, Amherst, NY.The

Vinyl film eliminates layer of polyethylene

An Aclar-laminated rigid-vinyl film eliminating the middle layer of polyethylene is available for high-barrier pharmaceutical applications from Klockner

Packaging films edible, water soluble

Completely edible water-soluble packaging films are available from Chris Craft Industrial Products, South Holland, IL.The Monosol LXP-1832 films are cold-water

Films utilize capacity of cast polyethylene

Laminated films designed for packaging of toner cartridges have been introduced by Web Technologies, Oakville, CT.Copy-Pat films are a custom-engineered

Printing system offers quality performance

A solventborne rotogravure printing-ink system that provides ultralow retained solvents when adhesive or extrusion-laminating treated and on polyvinylidene-chloride

Idler rolls respond to web movement

The company's line of large lightweight idler rolls is designed for use with wide webs in low-tension applications. The low inertia of these precision

Folder produces envelope-type covering

The DHR-15 dental headrest folder is designed to produce an open-sided envelope-type covering that is slipped over the headrest of a dental chair or similar

Coating system provides lustrous results.

The multiple coating technology system produces high-gloss coatings, metallic finishes and related special effects. The system is available on the company's

Image processor offers color monitoring

The model IP-25 image processor is designed as an alternative to basic video systems. It offers wide-web printers built-in automatic color monitoring

Salvage system removes, doctors roll stock

The jumbo roll-salvage system is designed for visually inspecting, removing and doctoring printed roll stock of all kinds. The system will process 50-in.

Intertec completes purchase of Maclean Hunter US.

Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER, formerly part of Maclean Hunter Publishing is now a part of Intertec Publishing Corp., Overland Park, KS.On Jan. 31, Intertec

Winding system suited for long lengths

The winding system is designed for slitting and spooling exceptionally long lengths of tension-sensitive medical laminates onto a single core. It features

Densitometer provides printing parameters

The company has added the IQ 150 to its line of intelligent portable densitometers. The model is the most basic of the series and provides only the most

Laser alignment determines shaft offsets

The Rotalign laser alignment is designed with a visible laser beam to determine shaft offsets and angularity with micron resolution, even over separations

Cups developed for viscosity measurements

A set of Shell cups are designed for use in the laboratory or for calibrating process viscosity-control equipment. The cups were developed to optimize

Dutch converter expands in worldwide flex-pack market

KNP BT is Holland's largest producer and converter of packaging materials with $6.7 billion in worldwide sales.Their headquarters are located in Hilversum

Quality, waste get action from suppliers of sheeters.

Whether it's eliminating dust in the process or preventing delicate substrates from being scratched, quality has become one of the top concerns in the

Slower growth, continued expansion seen in 1995

The Fed is expected to ratchet up interest rates but not enough to trigger recession. Positive forces outweigh the negatives, according to a chief economist

Waterjet slitting beneficial to this tissue converter.

Improving output while cutting labor costs was among the benefits received when a Wisconsin producer investigated the use of a waterjet-slitting system

Machinery maker shares 60th year with celebration

From three employees and a multistory building in 1934, a Pennsylvania manufacturer of converting machinery has grown to 65 employees working in a modern,

Plan seeks to put corrugated into recycling mainstream

A pilot program designed to be a model for future corrugated-recycling programs in the US and Canada was undertaken after the 1994 holiday season by the

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