Film Approved for Food, Pharma Use in Japan, EU

ATLANTA, GA | Grayling Industries reports the polyethylene film it uses to manufacture some of the company's industrial packaging liners has been approved to carry food and pharmaceutical goods to both Japan and the European Union. Also approved for both Japan and the EU is film type 03, a PE made with an anti-static additive.

A growing number of Grayling's customer base does business overseas and in order to meet those customers' needs, Grayling sent its film types 01 and 03 to a Japanese laboratory known for its strict international testing standards. Grayling worked with its film suppliers to ship the sample films and set up the testing, which required two three-week periods of test to complete and confirm to both Japanese and EU standards. In all, Grayling reports it spent more than five months on the project. See Grayling Industries' web site


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