Thermal Processing Technology

EVANSVILLE, IN | Koch offers four technology options for curing, baking, drying, preheating, degassing, dehydrating, aging, sterilizing, annealing, and more:

  • High-velocity convection&8212;It is said to be ideal for processes requiring lower temperatures, cross-linking, or a threshold surface temperature.
  • Infrared—Transfers heat quickly for preheating and processing of products. Advantages include clean operation, quick control response, smaller size, and short heatup time.
  • High-velocity/infrared—Best of both technologies for applications demanding evaporative processing and fast ramp-up of surface temperature. Warm air is passed over the coating surface to remove VOCs or moisture without disrupting the coating. As evaporation is completed, IR elements raise the surface temperature to polymerize the coating.
  • Convection batch drying—An alternative for processes involving longer cycle times, product variation, and multiple temperature requirements. Koch offers standard and custom cabinet and batch ovens for virtually any applications. Features include structurally reinforced, welded construction (welded stainless steel is available), and Koch quality insulation. The ovens are delivered pre-wired and pre-assembled.

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