Antimicrobial Protects Plastics Without Leaching

PITTSBURGH | BIOSAFE Inc. has released an antimicrobial that provides permanent protection at a reportedly lower cost than conventional silver-based additives while eliminating common problems such as discoloration, opacity, and concerns about heavy metals. Tradenamed BIOSAFE, the antimicrobial protects plastics from staining and degradation caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi and does not compromise end-product safety by migrating out of the plastic or being rubbed off the surface. The additive does not compromise optical properties when used with high-clarity resins.

When incorporated into plastics compounds, the BIOSAFE product reportedly adds $0.25 to $0.50 in raw material cost per lb. of finished plastic product. BIOSAFE provides an environmentally sustainable means of prolonging the useful life of consumer and industrial products and address the growing demand among the healthcare community for hygienic cleanliness in medical products. BIOSAFE eliminates the safety issues of leaching antimicrobials. It takes between one and four hours to achieve effective microbial reductions on plastic surfaces. It is FDA-listed as a modifier to medical devices and has received EPA label approval. See

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