Functional Coatings Innovation from DSM

THE NETHERLANDS | Stamicarbon BV (DSM Licensing Center) has launched Symphase Technology, an patented process for the creation of transparent oxygen barrier layers based on the vapor depostion of melamine. This technology is viewed as having applications in key markets such as electronics, medical devices, and disposables. Branded as Freshure Coatings, it now is offered for licensing in flexible packaging, particularly foods.

DSM's Symphase technology offers an alternative pathway for the creative of oxygen barriers with its Freshure Coatings, available either as a standalone high gas barrier coating, Freshure Single Coat, or Freshure Top Coat, a top coat for oxide coated or matallized films.

The presence of gases such as oxygen in food packaging can be detrimental to product freshness. To protect packaged foods and liquids from oxygen ingress, plastic films for food packaging usually are provided with barrier coatings—some of which have limitations in terms of clarity, cost-effectiveness, or environmental issues. Melamine is completely environmentally benign. See

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