2008 TAPPI Coating & Graphic Arts Conference Call for Papers


Technical paper submissions are invited for the 2008 TAPPI Coating & Graphic Arts Conference will be held May 4-7, 2008, in Dallas, TX, in conjunction with the TAPPI Papermakers Conference and PIMA Intl. Management Conference. Preference will be given to those papers highlighting the following "featured" topics:

  • Papermaking in 2010 and beyond.
  • Green chemistries.
  • Renewable raw materials (pigments, binders, or additives).
  • Nano materials (pigments, binders, or additives).
  • Dry coating.
  • Barrier coating.
  • Blade scratch reduction.
  • Blister resistance.
  • Improved efficiency tecniques.
  • Effect of print process (litho, flexo, gravure) on coating design.
  • Color gamut: coating design, measurement techniques.
  • Color profiling.
  • Chemistry for inkjet coating.
  • Methods for evaluating/improving product quality and printability from either papermaker or printer point of view.
  • Coating design for digital printing.
Additonally, TAPPI hopes to introduce product updates on previously peer-reviewed papers. This is a venue for valuable and concise additions to earlier work. If you have presented a peer-reviewed paper at previous TAPPI Coating & Graphic Arts Conferences and have additional data and conclusions to share resulting from your earlier work, please submit an abbreviated manuscript detailing the update, including a reference to the earlier work.

Authors interested in presenting a paper on these or related topics, or a project update, should submit a draft manuscript to coating@tappi.org by December 14, 2007. Abstracts are not accepted.

For additional information, contact Amy Dimmick, technical program committee chair, at 610/861-4919 or amy.dimmick@mineralstech.com.

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