HP Expands Program


TAMPA, FL—HP's North American Indigo Capture program has emerged as a key driver for HP Indigo customers' revenue and profit growth since its 2006 launch. Expanding its comprehensive offering of business development tools, training, and programs, Capture now is adding a new Affiliate Program that provides free shipping and discounted prices for HP Indigo customers purchasing HP products. HP presented its Capture program achievements, as well as unveiled details of the new HP Indigo Affiliate Program, in a keynote session at the second annual Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop) conference.

Since its introduction in October 2006, the Capture program has:

  • A 17% increase in the number of visitors to the myhpindigo.com portal, driven by new services such as a supplies ordering advisor and a media locator.
  • A 400% annual growth in Dscoop membership, with an anticipated 45% increase in attendance at this year’s annual conference.
  • More than 140 workshops and sessions offered by HP and Dscoop covering technical, sales, business and label and packaging issues.
  • More than 2,800 hours of individual HP Indigo customer consulting time logged by HP Business Consultants.
  • Launch of a 12-city “GO Digital” tour to spread awareness on the benefits of digital printing.
  • The unveiling of user-customizable marketing templates, including the first such templates to include market data information from leading graphic arts analyst organizations.
  • The creation of fully-featured commercial print and label estimator tools for comparing and contrasting digital and traditional printing processes and accurately identifying crossover points for one method or the other.
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