Selection Guide to P-S Tapes


CLIFTON, NJ—Lamart Corp. offers a new publication as a useful guide to high temperature and heat reflective tapes manufactured by the company. This free, informative publication lists a broad range of p-s tapes specially designed to withstand a variety of temperature extremes, from as low as -40 degress F to as high as 600 degress F. The guide is particularly valuable in automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial applications.

The guide includes laminated tapes, which combine highly reflective aluminum foil bonded to either glass cloth or polyester film, and are available with silicone, high temperature acrylic, or standard acrylic p-s adhesives. Another group includes aluminum foil tapes, listed in three thicknesses and featuring a durable acrylic p-s adhesive. An economical, one-mil. metallized polyester tape rounds out the guide's offerings. See

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