Ghent PDF Workgroup Holds Summit in Brussels


BRUSSELS—The Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) held its quarterly summit in July. Members representing 50 associations, suppliers, printers, prepress organizations, ad agencies, and corporations met to report and further progress their work to advance PDF standards for easy creation, processing, and international, intra-company exchange of graphic arts files for numerous applications. Highlights of the meeting included:

  • News that the newest versions of Enfocus PitStop, Agfa Apogee and DevZero Printsure are compliant with the most current GWG specification.
  • Packaging Specifications are testing very well and are due to be released in Q4.
  • Job Ticket subcommittee discussions on Proofing ticket.
  • New whitepaper entitled "Workflow requirements for PDF/X Plus documents conforming to the specifications of the Ghent PDF Workgroup" is being written by the Process Control subcommittee.
The free, downloadable PDF specifications, which are easily integrated in PDF workflows, are available at

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