Multi-Color Innovation Wins Top Label Awards


CINCINANNATI, OH—Multi-Color Corp. has won the World Label Award for the Olay Total Effects resealable label and the GAA Gold Cylinder Award for Leinenkugel's Apple Spice Beer metallized label. The Olay pressure-sensitive label was printed five-color flexo on custom label material designed by Multi-Color for easy open and resealability. The Leinenkugel label won the GAA Gold Cylinder Award for printing and technical achievement. It was printed eight-color rotogravure on a metallized beverage paper developed by Multi-Color to provide a premium look for a special promotion product.

World Label Award winners are chosen annually from the first place winners of the Tag & Label Mfrs. Inst. (TLMI), Japanese Federation of Label Printers (JFLP), and FINAT (representing European label printers) judged against each other in various categories.

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