PLGA Hosts Gravure Operational Conference


NEW MADISON, OH—The Packaging and Label Gravure Assn. (PLGA) Global announces its ninth annual Operation Conference: Gravure Leads the Way, taking place March 1-3, 2006. The conference is is designed to provide attendees with "why" and "how" the gravure process delivers brand owners what they need, want, and expect from their packaging and label suppliers. In addition, this conference will offer insights on how to make major improvements in decision-making, productivity, cost reduction, and new product development.

The conference is designed to challenge provincial thinking, preconceived notions, and defensive attitudes. If you are open to new ideas, concepts, and critical avenues for change, this is a must attend conference for you, your boss, and operations and marketing people throughout your organization.

The conference will present seven sessions:

  • Gravure, the Global Branding Choice
  • Why I Buy Gravure—Case Studies
  • Gravure Addresses Security and Logistics
  • A Leap Forward—the Next Generation
  • What's New From Suppliers?
  • Inplant Systems—Do They Work?
  • Principles of Pressroom Training
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