SVC TAC Calls for Papers


ALBUQUERQUE, NM—The program for the 49th Annual Technical Conference of the SVC is shaping up. It will provide an equilibrium between plenary, tutorial, and invited lectures, oral and poster presentations, and numerous networking activities with the participation from industry, academia, government agencies and national laboratories. Program sessions include Optical Coating, Large Area Coating, Plasma Processing, Process Control & Instrumentation, Vacuum Web Coating, Tribological & Decorative Coating, Emerging Technologies, and the recently created Smart Materials. Most recent developments will be presented in the very popular Heuréka! Post-Deadline session, while the latest technological advances are presented in the Innovators Showcase.

SVC is pleased to announce a special Hot Topic Session specifically devoted to biomedical and pharmaceutical applications of vacuum processes and coatings. To underline the multidiscipline nature and importance of this subject, this session is co-organized by the TAC Chairs of the Tribological & Decorative Coating, Optical Coating, Plasma Processing, Process Control & Instrumentation, Smart Materials, and Emerging Technologies.

We are soliciting contributions to this session, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Surface treatment for enhanced biocompatibility
  • Surface cleaning
  • Sterilization
  • Hard and protective coatings for medical implants and medical devices
  • Tribological phenomena in a biological environment
  • Corrosion resistance and accelerated screening tests
  • Optical coatings for biomedical devices and instrumentation
  • New processes for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications
  • Surface and interface analysis of biomedical products
  • Systems for drug delivery and sensing
  • Porous and micro/nanostructured films
  • Bio-MEMS
  • Photocatalytic effects
  • Patterning for biomedical devices
  • Packaging of biomedical and pharmaceutical products
  • Adhesion and interfacial phenomena
  • New organic and inorganic thin film materials
  • Compatibility with FDA standards
  • Equipment scaleup and process economics

The deadline for entries is Sept. 30, 2005. See

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