Packaging films edible, water soluble

Completely edible water-soluble packaging films are available from Chris Craft Industrial Products, South Holland, IL.

The Monosol LXP-1832 films are cold-water soluble and made from completely edible cellulose polymers. They can be converted on conventional packaging machines into bags or wrappers. Applications include flavors, colorants, dyes, oxidation agents, enzymes, vitamin fortifiers, yeasts and conditioners.

Food products in edible water-soluble pouches will offer bakers and other food processors the convenience of accurate dosing and dust control in mixing and batching operations.

The company also offers the M8630 for chemical packaging.

It's resistant to alkaline hydrolysis and ideal for disinfectants and detergents. The film is rapidly cold-water soluble and can handle alkaline products up to pH of 14, including formulations containing sodium hydroxide.

It meets the growing need for water-soluble packaging for premeasured doses of chemically aggressive alkaline formulations, which are used in a variety of institutional cleaning products and clean-in-place solutions for equipment in the processed food and dairy foods industries.

The polyvinyl-alcohol film is available in a thickness of 1.5 mil and in widths up to 54 in.

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