Sun Chemical Raises Prices, Produces MetalFX Inks


FORT LEE, NJ—Sun Chemical will raise prices and surcharges an average of 6% to 9% on all inks and coatings in the U.S. and Canada, starting June 1. The increased prices reflect the rising oil and petrochemical prices and costs and shortages in raw materials. Other leading factors include environmental compliance, freight, rapidly escalating employee health care, and other inflationary costs.

Sun Chemical also has signed up as an official MetalFX ink maker. Inks compatible with the MetalFX process. The company is offering MetalFX as an option for paper packaging, flexible packaging, rigid packaging and commercial printing. Metal FX technology enables thousands of metallic colors to be created by overprinting CMYK values onto the MetalFX Base silver ink. Color specification is controlled via MetalFX software and swatchbooks.

Inks for process metallic color system are now available. Sun Chemical has signed up its first European distribution point as an outlet for MetalFX inks.

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