New Study Says Food Manufacturers Offering US Consumers Retort Packaging to Meet Conveniency/Lifestyle Demands


NEW YORK, NY, USA—The reliance of US consumers on conveniently packaged, ready-to-cook, and eat food products is nothing new. What is evolving, however, are packaging and individual serving size pre-cooked products offering greater freshness, better taste, and preparation efficiency. The applications for retort packaging, in particular, are gaining more ground in the consumer food market, according to a new report, The US Market for Convenience Packaging and Serving Size Trends by market research publisher Packaged Facts.

Widely used by the military for more than 25 years, retort packaging allows food manufacturers to package foods in shelf-stable pouches. Products like pre-cooked rice, and even ground beef, are beginning to hit mainstream markets and are sold without refrigeration. Composed of layers of foil and film and referred to as “flexible cans,” the pouches can keep food products fresh for extended periods, some longer than 18 months, according to the Packaged Facts study.

Explains Don Montuori, acquisitions editor for Packaged Facts, “European companies such as Parmalat opened Americans’ eyes to the fact perishable products don’t necessarily have to be refrigerated. Applying a technology such as retort packaging to mass retail certainly will ease consumer acceptance of shelf-stable, pre-cooked products.”

The US Market Convenience Packaging and Serving Size Trends is the third in the three-volume Packaged Facts series on convenience foods and packaging. It examines trends across a broad range of food categories, from prepared meals to snacks and beverages, covering the full range of storage temperatures (frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable) as well as different serving sizes, from single-serve portions and bite-size minis to family packs and resealable eat-now/eat-later options. Volume I in the series covers ready meals and side dishes, and Volume II, frozen meals, appetizers, and snacks.

The US Market Convenience Packaging and Serving Size Trends is priced at $2250 (US) and is available for purchase through Packaged Facts at The study also can be purchased from by searching for product ID LA928716.

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